The Balancing Program

​​Very real, very basic changes at the center of your being

Let us stress that the shifts in potential you make in The Balancing Program are not the temporary mental “lifts” you generally get from numerous self-improvement paths, but very real, very basic changes at the center of your being, so that you can start to move constructively toward becoming the person you knew all along you could and should be. ​ The Balancing Program Walter Burleigh, ​1988

The Balancing Method of Transformation: ​Focus every day on three specific symbols of sacred geometry

The Balancing Program uses a simple, extensively researched, surprising method to move us beyond our continual limitations into a large expansion of our understanding and our ways of being and acting in the world. ​​​​It results in a profound alignment of our emotional energies with our higher potential. (See Lives Transformed! )

The method involves only a short period of concentrating each day on three powerful geometric​ symbols which are familiar to cultures around the world. (See The Symbols) This use of these geometric forms comes from Pythagoras' mystery schools in ancient Greece.

Our shifts in potential lock in permanently when we have focused on the symbols for a sufficient number of months for our measured Emotional level to have gradually risen to the point of balance with our higher Mental Potential level.​​ (For more about what the measurements are measuring, see Measurements)

Each person’s numbers rise at their own pace.
​​The Emotional Coefficient rises until it reaches one tenth the level of the person’s Mental Potential measurement. Then the Mental level rises bringing the Emotional with it, until ‘locking’ occurs. Becoming balanced and ‘locked’ (achieving the permanent anchoring of the Mental and Emotional frequencies in their harmonious 10-to-1 relationship) can take anywhere from 15 to 36 months or more.
​​Along the way, there is steady progress as you experience significant improvements in your life [in many areas – the quality of your relationships, your sense of purpose, your health, and your work].
​ In order to stay the course of daily meditating on the Symbols over many months, we can’t emphasize enough the crucial importance of receiving feedback on your rising measurements along the way! ​
The Balancing Program Walter Burleigh,​1988

Because Balancing Program participants have always received regular feedback on their progress, it has generally been easy to keep motivated to continue the process for the 15 - 36 or more months that it takes to become permanently anchored in one's expanded capacities.

The Balancing Program opens the door to allow the real person within to begin to emerge and take control of the outer expression. With balanced and aligned energies, the individual becomes dynamic and coordinated in a productive fashion.
​ ​ The Balancing Program​ Walter Burleigh, 1988​ ​

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