1.Get your free initial measurements. These include your Mental Potential, Emotional Level, and Will-Alignment measures. I will contact you promptly by email with personal feedback on your measurements and their meanings.

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2. Contact me with any questions you may have about doing The Program, or about your situation.

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3. Contact me when you decide you are ready to make the commitment to spend 15 minutes every day (rain or shine) concentrating on the Symbols, for however many months it takes for you to become fully Balanced and Locked. (How long it takes is very individual and depends on a number of factors, which we can discuss.)

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4.Send payment for the Balancing Program via check, money order, or Paypal.

Entire Balancing Program includes measurements & feedback every month!
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8 Months payment option: $50 / month + $5 processing fee, total $440.

Cost outside the United States is $453 due to our higher processing & postal costs.
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5. I mail you the 3 sacred symbols on card stock, with instructions on how to do the Symbols meditation.

I also can mail you the book, newly available again, and I highly recommend you have a copy. The Balancing Program, written by my mentor Walter Burleigh, is a treasure house of information and shared experiences. It orients you as you advance in the Program.

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6. Each month I measure you and give you feedback.
I measure your precise calibration of radiant energy from your signature (preferred) or handwriting sample, which I have on file. For more information on measurements click Getting Balanced and Measurements.

I send you an email with my feedback on your current measurement. Seeing your numbers rise is extremely gratifying…and motivating!

Through most of the Program, your reading will be of your current emotional coefficient. However, when your emotional number reaches the 1 to 10 balanced relationship with your initial Consciousness Potential, both Emotional AND Mental calibrations will be included because both levels are rising together during the Locking process.

A warm welcome to The Balancing Program!
You are starting something great.

~ Glen Schilling

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Just to let you know that the “balancing’ has been going fine, I have been experiencing immediately results, very exciting!
The U.K.

I know my sense of clarity of purpose has deepened, and I am grateful for the work and the constant support you give.

Thanks for update, I am pleased with results. At this point in time a lot is being presented, I feel better able to see clearly and make choices without as much second guessing.....also reactivity to situations/people presenting for my growth are like a freight train, yes, this Hobo finding more peace, on the train....

Next month it will be a year since I began the symbols…..It will be very interesting to me to see what the locking process is like. I am so grateful to you for being my anchor. It is amazing how powerful it is to have you test my numbers every month and send me an email. I'm also grateful that you are bringing this work to the world.

Yes! I definitely want to continue with the Advanced Program. The progress I've made this past year has been major and very noticeable. Also, it's been a pleasure working with you….I’m very grateful for that.
New Mexico

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