Getting Balanced

The Balancing Program

has helped thousands of people around the world peel away the personality limitations that hold us back from fulfilling our true potential.

is a daily 15 minute period of concentration focusing on three geometric forms.

monitors and supports the progress of each person monthly until their individual Mental Potential and Emotional Coefficient energies are brought into harmony.

A new sense of freedom, self worth, joy, peace, calmness and maturity. You achieve an expansion of consciousness that will keep expanding the rest of your life.

"The Balancing Program opens the door to allow the real person within to begin to emerge and take control of the outer expression. With balanced and aligned energies, the individual becomes dynamic and coordinated in a productive fashion." ​ ​ ​​The Balancing Program​ Walter Burleigh, 1988​

Becoming Balanced is accomplished by the subtle yet powerful processes occurring every time you do an ancient meditation on three symbols of sacred geometry.

The Balancing Program requires a short period of focusing on three ancient symbols of sacred geometry which must be done every day in order to sustain your progress toward becoming balanced.(See The Symbols)

Eventually this simple practice brings your awareness and capacities to whole new levels! It gives you the means to actually ACHIEVE the potential you intuitively know is in you.

​Each symbol is focused on for 5 minutes, in this order:

As you concentrate for 15 minutes each day on the symbols, your life will change in unimagined ways. The consciousness changes are both subtle and profound. (Enjoy Lives Transformed ) When you become balanced and 'locked', your changes are stabilized and will endure.

Let us stress that the shifts in potential you make in The Balancing Program are not the temporary mental “lifts” you generally get from numerous self-improvement paths, but very real, very basic changes at the center of your being, so that you can start to move constructively toward becoming the person you knew all along you could and should be.

The Balancing Program
Walter Burleigh, ​1988

As You Move toward Becoming Balanced, What Are Your Changing Measurements Measuring?

Your Radiant Life Energy​

Although the shifts in your life may seem like magic, what is happening is due to a measureable change in the amount of radiant energy emanating from you out into the environment.

'Brain Radiation' ​Early in the 20th century in France a breakthrough method was discovered and refined that reliably measured and scaled what was termed ‘brain radiation.’ Dr.'s Maurice Bovis and Oscar Brunler tested their instrument on thousands of people in Europe. They determined that it correlated with a person’s level of comprehension of life. Out of this foundation, The Balancing Program evolved in the U.S. in the last half of the 20th century.(See History)

A person’s radiant energy is captured in two measurements, which need to be optimally related to each other. One is your Mental Potential, the other is your Emotional Functioning. All of us need our Emotional level of expression and performance to catch up to our Conscious / Mental Potential in order to live the life we were meant to live. Usually somewhere deep inside we know this.

Each person’s numbers rise at their own pace. ​​The Emotional Coefficient rises until it reaches one tenth the level of the person’s Mental Potential measurement. Then the Mental level rises bringing the Emotional with it, until ‘locking’ occurs. Becoming balanced and ‘locked’ (achieving the permanent anchoring of the Mental and Emotional frequencies in their harmonious 10-to-1 relationship) can take anywhere from 15 to 36 months or more. ​​Along the way, there is steady progress as you experience significant improvements in your life [in many areas – the quality of your relationships, your sense of purpose, your health, and your work]. ​ In order to stay the course of daily meditating on the Symbols over many months, we can’t emphasize enough the crucial importance of receiving feedback on your rising measurements along the way! ​ ​ The Balancing Program Walter Burleigh ©​1988



With the current widespread support across the planet for consciousness growth, one’s Mental Level now may rise ​60 points or more before locking. Consequently, completing the Program may take many months. The results are totally worth the minutes each day you’ve given!

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