The Balancing Program

by Walter Burleigh, © 1988

Walter Burleigh, co-founder of the original Balancing Program, clearly explains the three measurements of soul development which the Program helps individuals to elevate and align.

Based on 100 years of research from Europe to the US, the book contains delineations of different world views and life functioning of persons measured along ascending points on two Scales: Consciousness (“Mental Potential”), and Emotional life.

It is filled with participants’ vivid descriptions of their changing ways of seeing and being in the world as they cross different thresholds on the Scales. An invaluable reference for anyone participating in the Program, or considering it.

SPECIAL FREE BONUS WHEN YOU ORDER TODAY: A large removable diagram of the “Scale of Consciousness” © 1986 is included with each book. A fascinating study for anyone interested in the metrics of conscious evolution!

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