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Perhaps you have trouble expressing your emotions. You have ideas about how your day should go, and instead of thoroughly and clearly communicating your vision, you get stuck or derailed. Your emotional and mental well-being, like so many others’ well-being, are unbalanced. Your mental acuity might be tremendous, but your emotional capabilities lag behind. The only way to know for sure is to take an emotional balance test.

At the Balancing Program, we test how in-sync your emotional and mental well-being are via our measurements. Then, we outline how you can achieve permanent balance in a period of months with our meditation practice. Read on to learn more about how you can get started.

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Emotional balance happens when your heart and your mind communicate. But how can you effectively measure that and, therefore, build a program to achieve it?

At the Balancing Program, we measure the emotional and mental energies that your brain emits. When we test you, we use your handwritten personal name and our highly trained, reliable, energy calibration dowsing method.

For your mental potential and emotional coefficient to be in perfect balance, the emotional should be exactly 10% of the mental level. Our research indicates that 99% of people are far from being in perfect balance. Most people these days have a mental potential between 300 and 400, on a scale of 100 to 800, yet most people only have an emotional coefficient between 20 and 23—not the 30 to 40 needed to be balanced at the mental level.

Once we’ve administered our emotional balance test, we provide you an emotional coefficient score and a tested program to balance it with your mental potential. Our program uses regular meditation with specific geometric forms. We monitor your progress as we give you new measurements and feedback EACH MONTH, checking in to see how your emotional coefficient is improving with regular practice. Our participants report feeling big changes over the course of the program.

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Seeking emotional and mental balance is the most important kind of self-care you can do. If your emotional well-being doesn’t match up with your mental well-being, you’re a less effective version of yourself. However, with a little bit of emotional balance testing and balancing meditations, you can improve your emotional coefficient dramatically. It all starts with an emotional balance test.

At the Balancing Program, we offer a free emotional balance measurement. If you’re interested to learn how balanced your mental and emotional states are, follow the mail-in steps outlined on our Free Measurements page. We look forward to being of service to you.

How to measure Mental and Emotional Levels was taught to me by Marta Burleigh in the mid 1980s. Her distance method was a major contribution to The Balancing Program. Because you don’t have to be physically present to be measured, it has allowed people all over the world to do the program.

-Glen Schilling

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