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This Brain Balancing Program brings CHANGE at your inner core and that changes everything.

Balances Your Emotional Level to Your Consciousness Potential
In the privacy of your own home, for a 15 minute period every day, you focus on 3 sacred geometric symbols- the ones prescribed by Pythagoras centuries ago for students in his mystery school. THAT’S IT.

Each month until you are Balanced and Locked, I send you your new measurements and their meanings, along with my encouragement and support.

It keeps you inspired and motivated to do the symbols every day so you can continue to make progress, to integrate your gains, and to follow the program all the way through to COMPLETION. Persisting over a period of months, you become “Balanced and Locked.” I confirm it by your measurements. Then you are PERMANENTLY established in a crucial Upward Alignment.* From wherever you are in the world. For as long as it takes.

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This is the ORIGINAL Balancing Program

Re-established by Walter & Marta Burleigh in Tucson in the 1980’s

Hi! I’m Glen Schilling. I was mentored by the Burleighs, and trained personally by Marta Burleigh to do the measurements, so I could continue offering the program in its authentic original form.

“T__ found you at just the right time for her. It’s always a thrill to see people progress in remarkable ways when they do the Program. It truly is like nothing else we know. It seems that you are the ‘culture carrier’, lineage bearer for the original Balancing Program and it’s lovely the way you’ve pulled it all together and put out a good web presence.We will continue to send people to your website.”

Wren Breedlove
Tucson, AZ
Marta Burleigh’s sister, who became Balanced as a child

Developed out of 50 years of research in Europe and the US, The Balancing Program has assessed and uplifted tens of thousands of people in diverse countries and circumstances, and enhanced the families and communities they touch.

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Evolving Up the Scale of Consciousness, and the Limiting Emotional Factor


The Balancing Program by Walter Burleigh ©1998

Walter Burleigh, co-founder of the original Balancing Program, clearly explains the three measurements of soul development which the Program helps individuals to elevate and align.

Do you have ongoing challenges in important relationships – and with yourself?

“I like myself more…
I don’t let other people or situations run my life…
I feel comfortable and more at ease…”

“I am not the same person I was before I got on the symbols…I went from a person who was filled with fear and clinging to all around me for support, to one who is calm, independent, loving, and able to give instead of take, for the first time in my life.”