The Balancing Program

When you know YOU ARE MORE than how you’re showing up…

And you’ve been longing to be all you COULD be,

if only…

The Balancing Program brings CHANGE at your inner core.

And that changes everything.

The Balancing Program

Balances Your Emotional Level to Your Consciousness Potential

In the privacy of your own home, for a 15 minute period every day, you focus on 3 sacred geometric symbols-

the ones prescribed by Pythagoras centuries ago for students in his mystery school.


Each month, I send you your new measurements and their meanings, along with my encouragement and support.

It keeps you inspired and motivated to do the symbols every day so you can continue to make progress, to integrate your gains, and to follow the program all the way through to COMPLETION.

Persisting over a period of months, you become "Balanced and Locked." I confirm it by your measurements. Then you are PERMANENTLY established in a crucial Upward Alignment.*

From wherever you are in the world.

For as long as it takes.

For only $399.


*If you stop "doing the symbols" before you are Locked, however, you will gradually revert to your original imbalanced state.

Developed out of 50 years of research in Europe and the US, The Balancing Program has assessed and uplifted tens of thousands of people in diverse countries and circumstances, and enhanced the families and communities they touch.

Get your Mental Awareness, Emotional Level, & Will Harmony measurements personal reading (Absolutely Free! )

This is the ORIGINAL Balancing Program

Re-established by Walter & Marta Burleigh in Tucson in the 1980’s

Hi! I'm Glen Schilling. I was mentored by the Burleighs, and trained personally by Marta Burleigh to do the measurements, so I could continue offering the program in its authentic original form.

“T__ found you at just the right time for her. It’s always a thrill to see people progress in remarkable ways when they do the Program. It truly is like nothing else we know. It seems that you are the 'culture carrier', lineage bearer for the original Balancing Program and it's lovely the way you’ve pulled it all together and put out a good web presence.  We will continue to send people to your website.”

Wren Breedlove
Tucson, AZ

Marta Burleigh’s sister, who became Balanced as a child

The CRUCIAL Upward Alignment



  • Do you have ongoing challenges in important relationships - and with yourself?

    “I like myself more…
    I don’t let other people or situations run my life…
    I feel comfortable and more at ease…”

    “I am not the same person I was before I got on the symbols…I went from a person who was filled with fear and clinging to all around me for support, to one who is calm, independent, loving, and able to give instead of take, for the first time in my life.”

    “As the onion of confusion, doubt and fear peels away, I see a clearer vision of the simplicity and perfection of all things - including me.”

  • Do you find yourself lacking, or lagging, or stressing in your sense of purpose, your productivity, your career?

    “Before I started your program, I knew I had certain gifts and abilities but felt lacking in power / focus to manifest them. I feel much more in touch now with my inner clarity and power…”

    “I regarded my job as intense work…now I have a complete change of attitude… The important thing is the relationships we have with each other. It has become an experience of the heart. The work still gets done but it seems with less effort.”
  • Do you have old habits or patterns that seem to just keep hanging around?

    “What’s happening to me? Nothing and everything! Subtle and physical! Mental and Psychological! Things just seem different. I feel as if I’m in a basing period, a re-evaluation of my whole life from a new perspective…I view some old patterns as strange - they do not fit anymore.”

    “The Balancing Program has been one of the best things I have every done for me. It is quite impossible to describe the change, but it is VERY real. The clearing out of old patterns has left room for a wonderful sense of freedom and joy which is easy to accept.”
  • Does it just plain feel like something is missing?

    “Life is taking on greater color / excitement / aliveness / energy that I would not give up for the whole world.”

    “I have virtually dropped all judgments. I am at peace with myself, with my life, with all the world around me. I am deep inside myself, whence comes my power. I am at home.”
  • Have you made lots of efforts to “be better” and “do better”, and been disappointed with the results?

    “I carry with me now, such a sense of well being. I feel all is well with the world. I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I am supposed to be doing; in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.”

    “No other factor has made such a difference in my life.”

    “My God, this is different; an entirely new evolutionary process!”

  • Get Your Measurements!

    View the Big Picture Revealed by the Biometric Research!

    Evolving Up the Scale of Consciousness, and the Limiting Emotional Factor

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    The Balancing Program by Walter Burleigh ©1998

    Walter Burleigh, co-founder of the original Balancing Program, clearly explains the three measurements of soul development which the Program helps individuals to elevate and align.


    How Far Can I Go?

    Once you have become Balanced and Locked, you may want to continue slowly elevating your levels of Conscious Awareness and Emotional Integration by joining

    The Advanced Program.

    Have a question or want to get started?

    ​If this simple process and its profound results resonate with you -
    ​I am honored to support you!